"Marketing is really just.. professional flirting"

Websites, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media - all these common terms associated with marketing can be tiresome and overwhelming.

I can go on all day about how you should be on EVERYTHING! And you should! However we have worked with a wide range of industries with a wide range of budgets from hundreds of thousands to a couple hundred bucks.

Therefore strategising became the most important tool in capturing the right people's attention, making it as efficient as possible.

The truthful part is, there's no one size fits all. Sometimes our initial strategies don't work! We have had clients where our initial strategies weren't building the right momentum and not showing amazing results.

Thats fine, we work together to change our idea's and strategies until we get it right.

We don't promise all the answers but we promise we will try our hardest to find them!

Just a few Case Studies.

Our Journey with Jus Burgers started in January of 2020. With a already great following and well known brand in the burger industry. Marketing of Jus was to be about innovation and creativity. However this all dramatically changed as Covid struck 2 months later. Great.. our entire strategy diverted from developing the brand further to finding a way to keep the doors open.

With a development of an app, we were quickly able to push our orders through app delivery services such as the Jus Burgers app, Ubereats and Deliveroo. Thankfully it worked out and Jus burgers is still thriving in the hearts of Subiaco and Leederville.

Graf is a worldwide multi-billion dollar plastics manufacturing company. Industrial marketing versus consumer is an entirely different ball game when marketing to B2B, councils, and other large installation companies. By far one of our biggest learning curves as a team taking on such a high pressure role. After 3 websites, multiple trade shows, generating leads, growing all platforms and creating month long sales funnels. They are still with us today thriving in their unique space!

One of the earliest we had, Juanita's and the team have pretty much become family the amount of time we have spent with them. We have watched them grow and grow into one of the most successful wine bars in Subiaco. We recently had a meeting with management and even explained they really don't need us anymore! Their client engagement is amazing on social media and they have such a mass coming through most nights, marketing is on the back burner in comparison to the operations.

If you haven't already, check them out in Subi!

Big bad Simon, If you are in the burger scene you have probably heard of Simonsays and the controversy that once surrounded it. We came in with an open mind and an ear to listen. Subsequently we learnt that having an open mind was the right way to go and developed an entire strategy around it.

The "troll" personality strategy began... It was a brand where we didn't need to be as "professional" as all the other restaurants and burger joints, instead we encouraged Simon to have fun with the brand and make it so out there and humorous people would just see it all as entertainment. We named our monthly burgers about trending topics such as "the Karen Burger" and "The Snowflake". The audience took a laugh and saw the brand as just a Troll Burger joint that actually made great Burgers.

Our time at Simon's was only temporary however just to build a great strategy after an unfortunate misunderstanding that could have put the brand on the rocks. IF you're ever looking for a great burger place in Morley, Simon's is a great shout!

Taylorweir is the school of hairdressing! At first I loathed the idea of even setting foot in a school again, despite it being so long I feel like I just got out of uni! Taylorweir was another difficult concept at first because it was so unique in comparison to all our other clients. However being an RTO and competing with other universities and Tafe's was quite exciting.

We took the challenge on and haven't looked back since. Our biggest challenge we faced was during Covid. As Taylorweir had a huge percentage of international students, the restrictions of travel caused a major issue with our intake for 2020. So how did we innovate? We changed some of the courses to be more online friendly, used the amazing grants issued by the government to our advantage and of course.. hammered the local market competing with the likes of Murdoch university and doing quite well I must say... Yes I very much enjoyed that.

If you're reading this and happen to want to purse a life in hairdressing, head over to Taylorweir and we might see you there!.

More Coming Soon..