About Us.

"We Love Deadlines and the whooshing sound they make as they fly by"
Through years of experience in different industries, our team came together like a well oiled machine to create something alternative.

We thrive on the idea of provoking thought through creativity and presenting new ideas to the world in all different forms.

Then comes Reign Media, a business started through charity trying to help businesses that were struggling (especially during covid) offering our services for free. From there we generated long lasting relationships we still have today!

The name "Reign" never came as a brag from our company but instead from the idea of how our clients's innovative products/services could reign in the market because of its innovation.

- We try to help new or existing business's sell their new innovate product or service
- Assist Real estate Agents in being creative with their video's to attract attention.
- Create App's that could improve lives or lifestyles.
- Photography that captures the eyes of the wondering
- Video's that evoke emotional responses to greater causes.

We are Reign... and we're just a bit odd really.